radio station

radio station


  1. an installation consisting of one or more transmitters or receivers, etc, used for radiocommunications
  2. a broadcasting organization

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Word History and Origins

Origin of radio station1

First recorded in 1910–15

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Example Sentences

Only 50 percent of those surveyed by Edison Research last year listed terrestrial radio stations as their first listening choice in a car.

After you get the car back, and before you change the radio station back to something you like.

In an interview with a state radio station, he warned the LGBTQ community to “leave our children alone.”

From Ozy

Public radio stations, Plotz said, are also trying to ramp up their local news presence.

From Digiday

This article was produced in partnership with the Anchorage Daily News, a member of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network, and KYUK, a public radio station based in Bethel, Alaska.

Speaking to a local radio station today Antonella Ramelli said the video gives her hope.

In Moscow there was even a nickname given to the convoy: Trojan Horse, according to the radio station Echo of Moscow.

Soyinka, 31 years old, a gun in his pocket, slipped into the radio station, and stopped the announcement.

The main radio station was scheduled to announce, and thereby legitimize, the fraudulent results.

Then, as I got older, my dad would always turn on the classic rock radio station.

The New Orleans Orgy started while a local radio station was broadcasting some of this new dance-music.

He succeeded at last in getting a message through to the national capital, relaying to the immense radio station at Arlington.

By the time we get back you will be so long settled in the cottage at the radio station that it won't seem new at all to you.

That is the new name they have given the place since the big radio station was established there.

The Government owns Sable Point where the old lighthouse stands and where the radio station is now established.





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