[ ra-dee-sawn ]

  1. Pierre Es·prit [es-pree], /ɛs pri/, 1636?–1710?, French fur trader and explorer in Canada.

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How to use Radisson in a sentence

  • Why else would they hire Joly, the former head of hospitality giant Carlson, which runs the Radisson hotel chain?

    Why Best Buy Is Tanking | Alex Klein | August 21, 2012 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • It was more of a furrow in the snow, and Pierre Radisson followed it, expecting to find the dog dead at the end of it.

    Kazan | James Oliver Curwood
  • It was she who first saw Pierre Radisson coming over their trail, and she ran swiftly back to Kazan and gave the warning.

    Kazan | James Oliver Curwood
  • It was a miracle that Pierre Radisson should put the blanket about Kazan, and carry him in to the camp, without scratch or bite.

    Kazan | James Oliver Curwood
  • Pierre Radisson emptied the sledge of everything but the tent, blankets, food and the furry nest for baby Joan.

    Kazan | James Oliver Curwood
  • Pierre Radisson lay on his balsam bed, with nothing over him now but the gray sky and the spruce-tops.

    Kazan | James Oliver Curwood