[ rah-yuh-tey-uh ]

  1. a volcanic island in the Leeward Island group of the Society Islands, French Polynesia, in the South Pacific. 92 sq. mi. (238 sq. km).

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How to use Raiatea in a sentence

  • I had letters to deliver in Raiatea, and officials to see, and there was Charmian down below getting ready to go ashore.

  • It was not so far away but that cutters made the passage back and forth between it and Raiatea.

  • Laa married all three on the same day, and before his departure for Raiatea each wife on the same day presented a son to him.

  • He was living on the island of Raiatea: but as he himself said, "I cannot be confined within the limits of a single reef."

  • A week later Mauriri and a Raiatea man swam back with empty calabashes.

    A Son Of The Sun | Jack London