[ rahy-mohn-dee, -mon-; Italian rahy-mawn-dee ]

  1. Marc·an·to·nio [mahr-kan-toh-nee-oh; Italian mahr-kahn-taw-nyaw], /ˌmɑr kænˈtoʊ niˌoʊ; Italian ˌmɑr kɑnˈtɔ nyɔ/, c1480–c1534, Italian engraver.

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How to use Raimondi in a sentence

  • This name, destined to become celebrated, was no other than that of Marc Antonio Raimondi.

  • Raphael had the additional advantage of having many of his pictures well engraved by a contemporary engraver named Raimondi.

  • So far as we have been able to learn, only one other explorer had preceded us—the distinguished scientist Raimondi.

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  • Raimondi says that he found here cobalt, nickel, silver-bearing copper ore, and lead sulphide.

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