rain dance

  1. (especially among American Indians) a ritualistic dance performed to bring rain.

Origin of rain dance

First recorded in 1925–30

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How to use rain dance in a sentence

  • This week, the broadcast networks once again presented their annual rain dance known as upfront presentations.

  • My pulse was jumping lumpily, my lungs refusing to work right, my head doing a Hopi rain dance.

    The Old Die Rich | Horace Leonard Gold
  • If he wishes for sun or wind or rain, "he summons his tribe, and dances a sun dance or a wind dance or a rain dance."

  • With spectacular ceremonial and regalia the Indians staged their "rain dance."

    Land of the Burnt Thigh | Edith Eudora Kohl
  • He wished he'd acted more grown up that night they watched the rain dance at the pueblo.

    Slingshot | Irving W. Lande
  • One of the most usual of their dances, managed something like our ballets, is called the Rain-dance.

    The Sunshade | Octave Uzanne