or rain-out

[ reyn-out ]

  1. a contest, performance, or the like, that has been rained out.

  2. Also called washout. the removal of radioactive particles or other foreign substances from the atmosphere by precipitation.

Origin of rainout

1945–50, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase rain out

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How to use rainout in a sentence

  • Blood dropped like rain out of heaven, while jackals howled impatiently, and kites and vultures screamed hungrily for human flesh.

    Indian Myth and Legend | Donald Alexander Mackenzie
  • It had a tight tin roof and a cement-pipe chimney with a cap to keep the rain out.

    Sheila of Big Wreck Cove | James A. Cooper
  • "The boot comes up so high that it keeps the rain out, except from my face," said Mr. Gray.

    Little Frankie on a Journey | Madeline Leslie
  • One is like a man in a prison cell watching the rain out of the window; it is all the same to him.

  • My lads, said Hildebrand, handing them the flask, here is that will keep this pelting rain out of your jackets.

    Hildebrand | Anonymous

British Dictionary definitions for rainout


/ (ˈreɪnˌaʊt) /

  1. radioactive fallout or atmospheric pollution carried to the earth by rain

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Other Idioms and Phrases with rainout


Force the cancellation or postponement of some event owing to bad weather. For example, Our picnic was rained out, but we hope to have it next week. [1920s]

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