[ rey-nee ]


  1. Gertrude Ma, 1886–1939, U.S. blues singer.
  2. Joseph Hayne [heyn], 1832–87, U.S. politician: first Black congressman 1870–79.

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Example Sentences

Rainey will have to quarantine for at least 10 days because he is not vaccinated, according to Manager Dave Martinez and the league’s covid protocols.

Rainey has not been vaccinated and was deemed a close contact to Fedde.

All were called on again, and Rainey, already in his seventh appearance, struck out two before catcher Andrew Knizner poked a soft liner to right-center.

They just watched Sandoval bounce around the bases while Rainey circled the mound in frustration.

Rainey, 28, has been inching back since he was briefly shut down in late February.

Landis is content to let Rainey be one, both, or neither, depending on the moment.

Her name was Laura Rainey, and she'd come to Greenville, a year before, to teach in the high-school.

Miss Rainey struck me as a quiet girl generally, and Joe never talked, anyway, when in Hector's company.

Joe hadn't budged, but the back of Miss Rainey's head wasn't toward me as it had been before; it was her profile.

I'd seen the doctor in the morning and he said his patient had passed a good night and that Miss Rainey was still there.

Oh, well, I suppose I can get another made for Rainey before the first boat goes down.