[ ralf ]
/ rælf /

verb (used without object) Slang.

to vomit.

Origin of ralph

First recorded in 1970–75; apparently of expressive orig.

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[ ralf or, esp. British, reyf, rahf, rahlf ]
/ rælf or, esp. British, reɪf, rɑf, rɑlf /


a male given name: from Old Norse words meaning “counsel” and “wolf.”
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masc. proper name, shortened from Radulf, from Old Norse Raðulfr (Old English Rædwulf), literally "wolf-counsel," from rað "counsel" (see read (n.)) + ulfr "wolf" (see wolf (n.)). The Century Dictionary also lists it as English printers' slang for "An alleged or imagined evil spirit who does mischief in a printing house."

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