Ram Singh

/ ˈræm ˈsɪŋ /


  1. Ram Singh18161885MIndianRELIGION: Sikh 1816–85, Indian leader of a puritanical Sikh sect, the Kukas, who tried to remove the British from India through a policy of noncooperation

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Example Sentences

The truth is, Ram Singh was too loathed a man for answers to be diligently sought.

The Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II was the first to make it his private residence.

But Ram Singh was in no mood to heed such advice, and very soon the old man ceased to press him.

Ram Singh glanced at these, and then, motioning to me to withdraw, followed me out into the garden.

Meanwhile, Ram Singh was shown to be more or less implicated in the disorders and was deported to Burmah.

One Ram Singh was the spiritual and political chief of a sect called the Kookas.

"Very possibly not," Ram Singh answered with an amused smile.





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