[ ruh-mohn ]
/ rəˈmoʊn /


any of several tropical American trees belonging to the genus Brosimum, of the mulberry family, the leaves of which are used as forage, especially B. alicastrum, which bears the breadnut.
Also ra·moon [ra-moon] /ræˈmun/.

Origin of ramon

1750–60; < Spanish ramón browse, augmentative of ramo branch (< Latin rāmus; see ramus)

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[ rey-muh n, ruh-mohn ]
/ ˈreɪ mən, rəˈmoʊn /


a male given name, form of Raymond.

Definition for ramon (3 of 3)

Gómez de la Serna
[ gaw-meth th e lah ser-nah, -mes ]
/ ˈgɔ mɛθ ðɛ lɑ ˈsɛr nɑ, -mɛs /


Ra·món [rah-mawn] /rɑˈmɔn/, Ramón, 1888–1963, Spanish novelist, dramatist, biographer, and critic.
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Medical definitions for ramon

[ rä-môɴ ]
Gaston Léon 1886-1963

French bacteriologist who in 1936 discovered a method of producing toxoids, leading to the development of vaccinations against diphtheria and tetanus.
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