[ ran-dee ]
/ ˈræn di /
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adjective, rand·i·er, rand·i·est.

sexually aroused; lustful; lecherous.
Chiefly Scot. rude and aggressive.

noun, plural rand·ies.

Chiefly Scot. a rude or coarse beggar.



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Origin of randy

1690–1700; rand (obsolete variant of rant) + -y1
rand·i·ness, noun

Definition for randy (2 of 2)

[ ran-dee ]
/ ˈræn di /


a male given name, form of Randall or Randolph.
a female given name.
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British Dictionary definitions for randy

/ (ˈrændɪ) /

adjective randier or randiest

informal, mainly British
  1. sexually excited or aroused
  2. sexually eager or lustful
mainly Scot lacking any sense of propriety or restraint; reckless

noun plural randies

mainly Scot
  1. a rude or reckless person
  2. a coarse rowdy woman
randily, adverbrandiness, noun
C17: probably from obsolete rand to rant
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