/ (ˌrʌŋɡəˈtɪərə) /

  1. NZ a Māori chief of either sex

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How to use rangatira in a sentence

  • This happened many years before I came to the country, and when my rangatira was one of the most famous fighting-men in his tribe.

    Old New Zealand: | 'A Pakeha Maori' [Frederick Edwa [Maning]
  • rangatira pakeha—A foreigner who is a gentleman (not a tutua, or nobody, as described above), a rich foreigner.

    Old New Zealand: | 'A Pakeha Maori' [Frederick Edwa [Maning]
  • Along this river I wandered for many days, but I found few of the rangatira's descendants.

    The Pacific Triangle | Sydney Greenbie
  • Their society had definite ranks, from that of the rangatira, the chief with a long pedigree, to the slave.

  • In his hand was his broad-axe; with it he must make his rangatira's river-boat.