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[rah-pee-doh; Spanish rah-pee-th aw; Italian rah-pee-daw]
noun, plural ra·pi·dos [rah-pee-dohz; Spanish rah-pee-th aws] /ˈrɑ piˌdoʊz; Spanish ˈrɑ piˌðɔs/, Italian ra·pi·di [rah-pee-dee] /ˈrɑ pi di/. (esp. in Spain, Italy, and Latin America)
  1. an express train.
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Origin of rapido

1955–60; < Italian rapido, Spanish rápido (noun use of adj.). See rapid
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Historical Examples of rapido

  • Sancroft, sitting at a writing-table with arms, and motto, Rapido contrarius orbi.

    Notes and Queries, Number 46, Saturday, September 14, 1850