abbreviation for

  1. Royal Agricultural Society
  2. Royal Astronomical Society

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Example Sentences

For the most part, residents of Ras Baalbek say they feel secure.

Ras Baalbek is just one of a handful of Christian villages in the northern Bekaa Valley not far from the Syrian border.

Armed men also stopped voters from casting their ballots in the port town of Ras Lanuf.

The nearest shelter was a hotel in the residential portion of the Ras Lanuf oil complex, and I got there as quickly as I could.

Tyler described some of that Ras Lanuf fighting in an interview for a New York Times blog.

The attractions at the Atrium were set out fully; but the name of Ras Fendihook did not appear.

And there on the quay, with a flower in his buttonhole and a smile on his fat face, stood Mr. Ras Fendihook.

Arras, ar′ras, n. tapestry: a hanging screen of such hung round the walls of rooms.

On the 6th, an hour before day, we weighed from the port of Ras-al-Jidid, and advanced about three and a half leagues.

Our author probably wrote "from thence to Ras-el-Ain," at which place the Khabur becomes a formidable river.