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[ ras-ter ]
/ ˈræs tər /


Television. a pattern of scanning lines covering the area upon which the image is projected in the cathode-ray tube or liquid-crystal display of a television set or other screen.
Digital Technology. a set of horizontal lines composed of individual pixels, used to form an image on a screen or in matrix printing.

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Origin of raster

1950–55; < German < Latin rāstrum toothed hoe, rake, derivative of rādere to scratch, scrape Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for raster


/ (ˈræstə) /


a pattern of horizontal scanning lines traced by an electron beam, esp on a television screen


to use web-based technology to turn a digital image into a large picture composed of a grid of black and white dots

Word Origin for raster

C20: via German from Latin: rake, from rādere to scrape
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Word Origin and History for raster



1934 in electrical engineering, from German Raster "screen, frame," from Latin rastrum "rake," from rasum, from rodere "to scrape" (see raze). Related: Rasterization; rasterize. From Latin form rastellum comes French râteau "rake," formerly ratel, originally rastel.

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