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  1. Archaic. growing, blooming, or ripening early in the year or season.
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Also rath [rath] /ræθ/.

Origin of rathe

before 900; Middle English; Old English hræth, hræd quick, active; cognate with Dutch rad, Old Norse hrathr
Related formsrathe·ly, adverbrathe·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for rath


  1. Irish history a circular enclosure surrounded by an earthen wall: used as a dwelling and stronghold in former times
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Word Origin for rath

C16: from Irish Gaelic


rath (rɑːθ)

adjective archaic, or literary
  1. blossoming or ripening early in the season
  2. eager or prompt
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Word Origin for rathe

Old English hrathe; related to Old High German hrado, Old Norse hrathr
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