A regulated allocation of resources among possible users.

Notes for rationing

The U.S. government has engaged in rationing usually only under conditions of extreme shortage or economic hardship; certain resources were rationed, for example, during World War II.

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How to use rationing in a sentence

  • At present, it is only attached to my command for convenience of rationing and pay.

  • David Cooper gave Elysée brief instructions on rationing water, and the old man limped downstairs as the firing began again.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • There being no system of rationing, only the well-to-do could buy the dearer necessities of ordinary life.

  • Still, it might be a good plan to sack all the servants before rationing comes in, and engage deaf-mutes.

    The Title | Arnold Bennett
  • Such hampering restrictions as conscription to fight or work, or rationing, have been removed.

    The Sensitive Man | Poul William Anderson