/ ræts /


  1. an exclamation of rejection or disdain


  1. slang.
    deranged; insane
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Example Sentences

And in a city with large slums and poor sanitation, rats can thrive easily, fleas and all, to spread the plague.

The researchers first isolated a set of cells known as neural stem cells (NSCs) from the brains of rats.

Alf Adams did not want to talk rats but he did want to show me his bottle collection preserved in a dusty shed.

“Did you want to know about rats,” he asked, finally, as we walk down the hill to drink tea in his living room.

Remember when Chandler was sexually attracted to sharks and Phoebe raised a litter of baby rats?

Ney and Marmont did not accompany the other Commissioners with their sorrowful terms; like rats they left the sinking ship.

But the next time that the two rats went out together, poor Simple did not come off so well.

He had known men who were almost as sly as rats; but on the whole he looked upon them as inferior beings.

Rats, however, are commonly infected as if by a miasm before the disease appears in man.

Rats burrow along a drain pipe from the sewer into the house and admit sewer gas.