[ rawnch, rahnch ]
/ rɔntʃ, rɑntʃ /

noun Informal.

smuttiness or vulgarity; crudeness; obscenity: porno magazines and other purveyors of raunch.
slovenliness; grubbiness.
an earthy, raw musical style derived from blues and gospel: a singer who can go easily from raunch to rock.

Origin of raunch

1960–65, Americanism; back formation from raunchy
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Examples from the Web for raunch

  • Stanley Crouch on the lacy French Open outfit that rocked the tennis world—and the culture of raunch it came out of.

    What Was Venus Thinking?|Stanley Crouch|May 29, 2010|DAILY BEAST

British Dictionary definitions for raunch

/ (rɔːntʃ) /

noun slang

lack of polish or refinement; crudeness
mainly US slovenliness or untidiness
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