razor blade


  1. a small rectangular piece of metal sharpened on one or both long edges for use in a razor for shaving
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Example Sentences

But as soon as she pressed the razor blade against her neck, the guard lowered the gun.

Otherwise, so what if they get a razor blade drawn across their tongue?

Even the celebrated shot of Uncle Paulie cutting garlic with a razor blade has a sprig of parsley in the foreground.

His mother, an actress, took her own life with a razor blade when he was eight years old.

The parts needed in its construction are as follows: An old safety-razor blade; one 8-in.

If he is to add another chapter he must pause to find a safety razor blade and sharpen up.

We only had one razor blade which everyone used (and it was dull) but we managed to get fairly clean without too much bleeding.

The voice was silent until Don, with the help of a razor blade, had done as he was directed.

Sliding the sensitive razor blade over a young tanned cheek he pondered moodily on the undesirable fact of June Bowman.