1. (intr) to take part in or participate again: re-engaged in terrorism

  2. (tr) to employ (someone) again

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How to use re-engage in a sentence

  • In his fury the editor discharged the chief reporter, and when he went out to re-engage him found that Cairns had been before him.

    Grey Town | Gerald Baldwin
  • Marines are enlisted for 12 years, and if of good character they can re-engage to complete 21 years, entitling to pension.

  • He made it a condition, however, that in case of success I should re-engage him for the approaching London season.

    The Mapleson Memoirs, vol I | James H. Mapleson
  • Mrs. Crowdey saw how things were going, and turning from the cow question, endeavoured to re-engage him in his recitations.

  • We shall receive the proposition of the men who left us to-morrow, and re-engage on our own terms, next day, as many as we want.