1. to participate in or undergo (an event or experience) again

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How to use re-experience in a sentence

  • He wanted to re-experience the prickly delight of seeing his young wife admired and regarded with desirous eyes.

    The Song of Songs | Hermann Sudermann
  • How many ancient loves, hates, angers, can we not re-experience in any idle hour we choose to give over to reverie?

    The Tower of Oblivion | Oliver Onions
  • He developed an approach to therapy that encourages patients to re-experience repressed painful memories from childhood.

  • Then a full surrender is followed by a new experience or, shall I better say, a re-experience of the Spirit's presence.

    Quiet Talks on Power | S.D. Gordon
  • Conditioning forced Barrent2 to re-experience those moments.

    The Status Civilization | Robert Sheckley