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read out

/ riːd /


  1. tr to read (something) aloud
  2. to retrieve information from a computer memory or storage device
  3. tr to expel (someone) from a political party or other society


    1. the act of retrieving information from a computer memory or storage device
    2. the information retrieved

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Example Sentences

So, in short, everyone knows Leung is a mere puppet with zero power and will read out whatever the communists dictate to him.

As the sentences were read out, any shred of optimism evaporated.

It would be like asking you to read out my screenplay to Complete Works.

Gentlemen, imagine, if you will, having your most intimate measurement read out in open court?

They refused instructions to stand in court as the indictments were read out.

"Read out all the times mentioned in the last witness's evidence," directed Kerry, undisturbed by the rencontre.

And Micheas told them all the words that he had heard when Baruch read out of the volume in the hearing of the people.

They were read out at the meetings, and afterwards carefully preserved, for lending to those who required good counsel.

They are read out in the accidental order of the first entering of their names in the college books.

His clutch on the letter was distinctly inquisitive, and he read out the opening sentences with almost rhetorical effect.