real line

[ ree-uhl, reel ]


, Mathematics.
  1. the real axis in the complex plane.

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Example Sentences

These are not going to be captured in the advertiser’s budget or media plan but they are very real line items in the overall equation that must be considered in any discussion here.

From Digiday

The real line of scrimmage in American politics is the economy.

He had caught a new and very real line in the girl's face as she spoke.

And this, you may be assured, was the real line of difference between the political principles of these two gentlemen.

It was then that we got a real line on Windy, and Cupid found out that even a rough diamond may have a cutting edge.

A real line of defense must be more or less a straight line, with no break.

Naturally and philosophically speaking, it is impossible for one real line to penetrate another.