[ relm ]
/ rɛlm /


a royal domain; kingdom: the realm of England.
the region, sphere, or domain within which anything occurs, prevails, or dominates: the realm of dreams.
the special province or field of something or someone: the realm of physics; facts within the realm of political scientists.

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Origin of realm

1250–1300; Middle English realme, reaume < Old French reialme, derivative of reial < Latin rēgālis regal1

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/ (rɛlm) /


a royal domain; kingdom (now chiefly in such phrases as Peer of the Realm)
a field of interest, study, etcthe realm of the occult

Word Origin for realm

C13: from Old French reialme, from Latin regimen rule, influenced by Old French reial royal, from Latin rēgālis regal 1

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Word Origin and History for realm



late 13c., "kingdom," from Old French reaume, probably from roiaume "kingdom," altered (by influence of Latin regalis "regal") from Gallo-Romance *regiminem, accusative form of Latin regimen "system of government, rule" (see regimen). Transferred sense "sphere of activity" is from late 14c.

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