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/ ˌriːəˈpɪə /


  1. to appear again

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Derived Forms

  • ˌreapˈpearance, noun

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Example Sentences

Using both my real name and a Wikipedia han­dle, I deleted the assertion from the article, only to watch it reappear.

“I would disappear in a puff of smoke and then reappear,” a former Dorothy recalled during her return to the Land of Oz.

Instantly, nearly $7 billion in value disappeared, only to reappear over the next several minutes.

“They can disappear and reappear in an instant,” said one man who has travelled with the Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

Xi may reappear at any moment, putting some (though not all) the rumors to rest.

It reappears during a relapse, and thus helps to distinguish between a relapse and a complication, in which it does not reappear.

In an occasional horse the long-lost stripes of the zebra-like ancestor reappear.

After Ariel, Ferdinand and Miranda should reappear; this time in a phase of glowing passion.

Before the exercises of the forenoon were concluded, she was summoned to see a visitor, and did not reappear before intermission.

Chicot was bargaining for some horses, when he saw the monk reappear, carrying the saddles and bridles of the mules.


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