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[ ree-zuh-ning, reez-ning ]


  1. the act or process of a person who reasons.
  2. the process of forming conclusions, judgments, or inferences from facts or premises.
  3. the reasons, arguments, proofs, etc., resulting from this process.


/ ˈriːzənɪŋ /


  1. the act or process of drawing conclusions from facts, evidence, etc
  2. the arguments, proofs, etc, so adduced

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Other Words From

  • reason·ing·ly adverb
  • half-reason·ing adjective
  • non·reason·ing adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of reasoning1

First recorded in 1325–75, reasoning is from the Middle English word resoninge. See reason, -ing 2

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Example Sentences

Josef Urban thinks that the marriage of deductive and inductive reasoning required for proofs can be achieved through this kind of combined approach.

Even so, within the constraints of a small sample, many major issues with GPT-3 were immediately evident, in every domain of reasoning and comprehension that we tested.

It’s a type of logical reasoning that incorporates a set of constraints.

Explaining the reasoning behind each data point and action, and arguing from first principles, should leave less room for doubt and more for critical thinking.

As the reasoning goes, if any part of the decision-making process of “where to look” changes, it’s potentially possible to hijack the downstream, more easily-targeted circuits to control it.

To his critics, he explained—sometimes at painful length—his reasoning against it.

Again, the reasoning sounds, well, reasonable, and is sourced to a respectable organization, the Samaritans.

But even interrogating successful proposals leads to unsatisfactory reasoning.

Following this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, the way to achieve world peace is to give everyone atomic bombs.

Subjectivity and exaggerating the foibles or bad reasoning of the opposition in political coverage was the norm.

Something influenced by his reasoning, Ripperda employed the greatest part of the day in writing a large packet for his son.

This reasoning may seem to many persons mere casuistry, mere sophistical juggling with words.

His brain—the part where human reasoning holds normal sway—was dominated by the purely primitive instinct of flight.

Such reasoning as she made use of she climaxed by an offer of no less a sum than a hundred pistoles.

This reasoning displeased the dwarfs, and one of them named Tad denounced it with much indignation.


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