[ ri-boh-soh ]

noun,plural re·bo·sos.
  • Also re·bo·sa [ri-boh-suh]. /rɪˈboʊ sə/.

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How to use reboso in a sentence

  • Lupe, her face shrouded in her reboso, leans over and whispers.

    Jane Journeys On | Ruth Comfort Mitchell
  • The reboso, or shawl, is a useful article of clothing of the women of this class.

    Mexico | Charles Reginald Enock
  • She tossed her free foot, and played with the fringe of her reboso.

    The Golden Fleece | Julian Hawthorne
  • Old Anita, watching from the shadows of the eating room beyond, put her reboso over her head and rocked in silent grief.

    Tharon of Lost Valley | Vingie E. Roe
  • As he spoke, he raised the reboso, and gently drew back her long black hair.