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[ ri-seed ]

verb (used without object)

, re·ced·ed, re·ced·ing.
  1. to go or move away; retreat; go to or toward a more distant point; withdraw.
  2. to become more distant.
  3. (of a color, form, etc., on a flat surface) to move away or be perceived as moving away from an observer, especially as giving the illusion of space. Compare advance ( def 15 ).
  4. to slope backward:

    a chin that recedes.

  5. to draw back or withdraw from a conclusion, viewpoint, undertaking, promise, etc.

    Synonyms: retreat, retire



[ ree-seed ]

verb (used with object)

, re·ced·ed, re·ced·ing.
  1. to cede back; yield or grant to a former possessor.


/ rɪˈsiːd /


  1. to withdraw from a point or limit; go back

    the tide receded

  2. to become more distant

    hopes of rescue receded

  3. to slope backwards

    apes have receding foreheads

    1. (of a man's hair) to cease to grow at the temples and above the forehead
    2. (of a man) to start to go bald in this way
  4. to decline in value or character
  5. usually foll by from to draw back or retreat, as from a promise

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Word History and Origins

Origin of recede1

First recorded in 1470–80; from Latin recēdere “to go back, fall back”; equivalent to re- + cede

Origin of recede2

First recorded in 1765–75; re- + cede

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Word History and Origins

Origin of recede1

C15: from Latin recēdere to go back, from re- + cēdere to yield, cede

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Example Sentences

Despite those obstacles, Chase’s success may keep it invested in Duckett’s vision once pandemic restrictions recede.

From Ozy

However, by 1876 the issues of the war had begun to recede in political importance.

The unique impact of the coronavirus recession makes a fast recovery possible, but even after the pandemic recedes, the global economy will be facing a myriad of problems.

From Quartz

In broad strokes, the way to gauge cosmic expansion is to figure out how far away distant galaxies are and how fast they’re receding from us.

Once the coronavirus pandemic recedes, engineers from his lab will move into partner communities while they work on improving the system.

Russia has far grander plans to secure its claims in the north as the permanent ice caps recede.

He is six feet and 201 pounds and has brown hair that is beginning to recede at the temples.

She was briefly outed by Red as a mole and then allowed to recede into the background again.

My guess is that in the final moments of the season the supernatural elements of the show will recede.

The Qataris need to recede from the stage, Kabul will never trust them.

The wave of religious fanaticism sweeping over the land might recede as rapidly as it had risen.

The jungles here recede, and their place is occupied by beautiful plantations of rice, and other vegetables.

It will help to keep me in touch with the outside world, which daily seems to recede further.

The girls would not recede from their position; work had to be found for the girl elsewhere.

For instance, the forehead may recede from the wire at the top, or the nose may have a different slant or shape.


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