receiving end


  1. the position in which one is subject to some kind of action or effect, especially an unpleasant one (usually used in the phrase at or on the receiving end ):

    The corporation is on the receiving end of many complaints about its advertising.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of receiving end1

First recorded in 1930–35

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Example Sentences

Occasionally she is on the receiving end of trash talk, or more.

It’s not hard to see why this technique is unpopular, especially with those on the receiving end.

From Time

It put the US in the unusual position of being on the receiving end of these kinds of calls, when it has more often doled them out to other countries.

From Quartz

The board has asked police agencies to take a broader approach by including, for instance, complaints brought by third parties who witnessed but weren’t necessarily at the receiving end of any misconduct.

You’ve surely been on the receiving end of one of those mass emails praising a team or the entire company on a job well done.

From Fortune

Why, then, does working in one almost guarantee a waitress, hostess, or bartender will be at the receiving end of such harassment?

Yet I was hugged, inundated with compliments, and told how strong I was for being on the receiving end.

One has to believe that Brazil was at the receiving end of some great celestial wrath.

Modern society hates pride, too, and no one on the receiving end of such arrogance finds it very satisfying or helpful.

Done incorrectly, they can land an actress on the receiving end of hate-tweeting.

It meant that the sender wished to know if the burden of his message was being fully sensed by the one at the receiving end.

Now, at three gravities, one did not feel on the receiving end of a violent thrust, but one did feel utterly worn out and spent.

It will be an offense, though,” smiled Margaret, “and the juniors will be on the receiving end of our verbal attack.

At the receiving end the drum is covered with photographic paper and enclosed in a light-tight box.

The receiving end of the kiln should always be kept moist, where the stock has not been steamed before being put into the kiln.





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