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[ ree-suhnt-lee ]


  1. a relatively short time ago, or during the last short while; lately:

    It wasn't something I had really thought about until recently, when we discussed it in one of my Media classes.

    Recently there has been a lot of interest in the use of computer games as innovative educational tools.

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  • qua·si-re·cent·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

Houston Rockets guard James Harden and Russell Westbrook have both been floated in recent rumors, and the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns earlier this week.

It was just 20 months ago that a16z closed its most recent pair of funds — a $2 billion late-stage fund, and a $740 million flagship early-stage fund.

The castle walls of Boletaria look more like a place of recent unrest and chaos, while the Tower of Latria’s upper and lower levels now make geographical sense.

General Motors, in its most recent sustainability report, said it investigated the allegations and ended its relationship with the supplier.

In response to a recent rise in positive tests among players and league personnel, as well as to a sharp increase across the nation, the NFL directed all its teams to move this week to a heightened level of pandemic-related protocols.

But he told me recently that Malia would do my impression of him to him.

I just recently rewatched all six Star Wars movies the other day… Oh wow, from the beginning?

This is the Mexico that has been called a “failed state” — most recently by Jose “Pepe” Mujica, the president of Uruguay.

Recently, historians have been working hard to write books that are more accessible.

Antoine himself had recently been arrested on a six-year-old warrant for a dime bag of weed.

Genoa has but recently and partially felt the new impulse, yet even here the march of improvement is visible.

Even New Zealand Brigade which has been only recently engaged lost heavily and is to some extent demoralised.

Until very recently little has been known of the strange land in which the subject of this tale lives.

This man had often escaped drowning, and only recently upon the blessed day of last Pentecost.

An accident occurred on the Panama rail road, recently put in operation, by which 43 persons were killed, and 60 wounded.


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