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[ ri-sip-ruh-klee ]


  1. by or from one to the other; in a way that involves equal exchange between two people or groups; mutually:

    A “Service Engagement” is any endeavor that brings the community into the campus and the campus into the community, reciprocally, often to address a social concern.

  2. in return:

    As valuable information about you is gathered, you will be able to see who is doing the gathering, and can reciprocally gather your own information about the gatherers.

  3. Grammar. so as to express mutual action or relationship:

    In Spanish, some reflexive verbs can be used reciprocally, so “Nosotras nos vemos,” “we see ourselves,” can also mean “we see each other.”

  4. in an opposite or inverse relation or proportion:

    In motion, space and time are reciprocally related, as expressed in the equation of motion, v = s/t.

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Other Words From

  • non·re·cip·ro·cal·ly adverb
  • un·re·cip·ro·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of reciprocally1

First recorded in 1550–60; reciprocal ( def ) + -ly

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Example Sentences

Essays by an Indigenous scientist offer lessons in reciprocal awareness between people and plants.

Indeed, research shows career mentoring has reciprocal benefits and is not only beneficial for proteges.

From Fortune

Rival financial hubs Hong Kong and Singapore are set to become the first regions in the world to open a reciprocal “air travel bubble,” after ministers from both governments announced a preliminary agreement Thursday.

From Fortune

But now try to think of jurisdictions that do not require the two city-states to work cooperatively and grow reciprocally.

Mudgee and monaudud, may reciprocally change genders, the first by the addition of i-e-e, and the second by altering ud to izzi.

Oaths are not held sacred; nor words, nor swearing, nor binding compacts reciprocally made.

Mudjee and monaudud may reciprocally change genders, the first by the addition of iee, and the second by altering ud to izzi.

Style is the disentangling of thoughts or ideas reciprocally involved in each other.

Reciprocally, it is in M. Comte's opinion essential, that all directors of labour should be rich.





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