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[ ri-sip-ruh-key-tid ]


  1. given, done, or felt in return:

    When I greeted the lady who walked by my house every morning, she looked right through me as if I were invisible, with no reciprocated response.

  2. given and received, or equally engaged in, by both parties; mutual:

    In its most developed form, love occurs within a reciprocated relationship with another person.

    When he created his export business, his mission was to build a reciprocated trust within an honest and sustaining working relationship with artisans.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of reciprocate ( def ).

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  • un·re·cip·ro·cat·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

Even if they reciprocate next year with a text, this is an opportunity for you to be kind and generous.

Clearly, the advances were not reciprocated but Williams “continued to talk about sucking dick.”

Washington reciprocated, ordering two Venezuelan diplomats to go home.

Of course, for reciprocal altruism to work, it must be reciprocated.

That warm, fuzzy feeling is reciprocated—more often than not on a first-name basis.

The New York media just love them some Shargel, and the affection is lavishly reciprocated.

You know that forgetfulness of everything which comes of a violent confident, reciprocated love.

Evelina reciprocated Benassis' love, but her parents opposed the match.

He was imagining for Eric a sunny future—a future of splendid usefulness, of reciprocated affection, of brilliant fame.

His father had in his rough way been fond of him, and Newt in an equally wolfish fashion had reciprocated the feeling.

Many times the churches reciprocated with considerable material as well as spiritual assistance.


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