[ ree-kon-sti-toot, -tyoot ]
/ ri藞k蓲n st瑟藢tut, -藢tyut /
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verb (used with object), re路con路sti路tut路ed, re路con路sti路tut路ing.
to constitute again; reconstruct; recompose.
to return (a dehydrated or concentrated food) to the liquid state by adding water: to reconstitute a bouillon cube with hot water.
verb (used without object), re路con路sti路tut路ed, re路con路sti路tut路ing.
to undergo reconstitution; become reconstituted.
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Origin of reconstitute

First recorded in 1805鈥15; re- + constitute

OTHER WORDS FROM reconstitute

re路con路sti路tu路ent [ree-kuhn-stich-oo-uhnt], /藢ri k蓹n藞st瑟t蕛 u 蓹nt/, adjective, nounre路con路sti路tut路a路ble, re路con路sti路tut路i路ble, adjectivere路con路sti路tu路tive, adjectivere路con路sti路tu路tion, noun
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How to use reconstitute in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for reconstitute

/ (ri藧藞k蓲nst瑟藢tju藧t) /

verb (tr)
to restore (food, etc) to its former or natural state or a semblance of it, as by the addition of water to a concentratereconstituted lemon juice
to reconstruct; form again

Derived forms of reconstitute

reconstituent (藢ri藧k蓹n藞st瑟tj蕣蓹nt), adjective, nounreconstitution, noun
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