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[ ri-koo-per-uh-tiv, -puh-rey-tiv, -kyoo- ]


  1. having the power of recuperating.
  2. pertaining to recuperation:

    recuperative powers.

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Other Words From

  • re·cuper·ative·ness noun
  • nonre·cuper·ative adjective
  • nonre·cuper·ative·ness noun
  • nonre·cuper·a·tory adjective
  • unre·cuper·ative adjective
  • unre·cuper·ative·ness noun
  • unre·cuper·a·tory adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of recuperative1

1640–50; < Late Latin recuperātīvus that can be regained, equivalent to recuperāt ( us ) ( recuperate ) + -īvus -ive

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Example Sentences

Of the 24 exits the city considers successful, seven people moved into an emergency shelter, six moved into residential treatment programs, six moved into permanent housing, four moved into bridge housing and one moved into recuperative care.

“Ideally this would be money that would be recuperative on a short-term basis and have something sustainable on a long-term basis to help permanently narrow achievement gaps,” he said.

“Having recuperative care in that language would make it an optional benefit that could be a reimbursable service for Medi-Cal patients and that would be a huge step forward for respite in the state of California,” Dobbins said.

In fall 2019, the city’s homelessness plan urged local officials to add 100 to 150 recuperative care beds equipped to temporarily house homeless people while they recover and to connect them with resources, including longer-term housing.

Jeffrey Norris, Father Joe’s chief medical officer, told VOSD the nonprofit has worked with an unidentified health plan to fund two recuperative care beds and that the agency hopes to add another two soon.

There is certainly this much of truth in the talk about the recuperative powers of our industrial system.

She has such extraordinary recuperative power that I do hope for the best.

The unfortunate Jocelyn, though recuperative to a degree, was at first terribly upset by this reception.

Their enemies, judging only from superficial indications, might wonder at their strange recuperative energies.

Ardours of passion could be felt as in youth without the recuperative intervals which had accompanied evanescence.

"How wonderfully recuperative have been the energies of your people sir," interrupted the stranger.


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