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[ ri-kur-ing, -kuhr- ]


  1. occurring or appearing again.

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  • re·curring·ly adverb
  • unre·curring adjective

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Example Sentences

More than a year after her arrest in June 2020, 20-year-old Judith Velasquez finds herself trapped in a recurring flashback.

From Vox

The commission noted that Metro acknowledged recurring problems with keeping trains and other vehicles away from work sites, and pledged last week to rewrite its roadway protection manual to strengthen track worker protection.

The shooting of unintended targets has become part of a “recurring theme” in the city, NYPD chief of detectives James Essig said at an August news conference following a gang-related shooting in Queens that injured seven adult bystanders.

From Time

As a child, I used to have recurring nightmares about tsunamis and deep water.

To be perfectly honest, “thank goodness I don’t have kids” has been a recurring thought for me during the pandemic.

From Time

Her chops landed her several TV gigs, including a recurring role as an NBC page on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

In 2007, trans actress Candis Cayne became the first out trans actress to have a recurring role on a primetime network TV show.

Growing up in the Baltimore area, Carson made recurring appearances in my education.

Mindless bureaucratic cruelty is a recurring theme of observers of the modern state.

Almost every episode of the recurring site feature “Strong Bad Emails” offered users clickable keywords that unlocked something.

Very interesting as throwing light upon the Provençal temperament are the numerous and constantly recurring interjections.

One of the most frequently recurring figures in this series is that of Noah in the ark.

Moreover, each stanza ends with the same line, recurring as a refrain.

So severe a lesson could only be learned by grasping at such words and phrases as were the more frequently recurring.

"Strikes" were constantly recurring, so that the masters lay at the mercy of the operatives.





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