Red Army


  1. the Soviet army.

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Example Sentences

Maciunas had fled his native Lithuania as a child ahead of the advancing Red Army.

However, when the Red Army reached Königsberg in 1945, the Amber Room had mysteriously vanished.

There was a lot of national pride on the Red Army team for the Soviet Union.

They never anticipated being targeted by weapons designed to guard the Red Army for World War III.

He had made a mistress of a girl he rescued from some blasted-out village conquered by the Red Army at the end of the war.

He simply happened to be in one of those sections of Red Army intelligence which in some purge or other ceased to exist.

During these two years we mobilized for the Red Army nearly as many soldiers as there are members in our trade unions.

The rest of the evening was devoted to a renewal of the protests against Mr. Churchill's "Red Army."

Trotsky and the Red Army undoubtedly now have behind them a great body of nationalist sentiment.

The Red Army returns from the front, and passes in triumphant review before the leaders of the Revolution.

War has been declared and the Red Army is mobilizing near Keeseville.





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