red book


British (sometimes capitals) a government publication bound in red, esp the Treasury's annual forecast of revenue, expenditure, growth, and inflation

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Examples from the Web for red book

  • Of late it has been ordained by the Red-book that commands may be conveyed by gesture.

  • We pulled up in front of the Hôtel d'Europe, one of the least extravagant of the red-book hostelries, and I went in.

    The Car That Went Abroad|Albert Bigelow Paine
  • There were many in high life whose names and addresses she had obtained from the Red-book; but to them she dared not apply.

    Newton Forster|Captain Frederick Marryat
  • All the national roads are numbered, and your red-book map shows these numbers—the chances of mistake being thus further lessened.

    The Car That Went Abroad|Albert Bigelow Paine