red carpet

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  1. a red strip of carpet placed on the ground for high-ranking dignitaries to walk on when entering or leaving a building, vehicle, or the like.

    • an area abutting the entrance to a building, usually carpeted in red, where celebrities gather and walk before participating in or taking their seats at a big event: The winning actress had of course been interviewed on the red carpet before the Academy Awards.

    • the activity that goes on in this area: Six reporters will be covering the red carpet at the charity's annual gala.

  1. a display of courtesy or deference, as that shown to persons of high station: The visiting prince was treated to the red carpet in Rome.

Origin of red carpet

First recorded in 1930–35

Other words from red carpet

  • red-carpet, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for red carpet

red carpet

  1. a strip of red carpeting laid for important dignitaries to walk on when arriving or departing

    • deferential treatment accorded to a person of importance

    • (as modifier): the returning hero had a red-carpet reception

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red carpet

Honorary treatment, lavish hospitality, as in We'll have to get out the red carpet for the President's visit. This term comes from the literal practice of rolling out a carpet to welcome a royal or other esteemed guest, and indeed is often put as roll out the red carpet. [Early 1900s]

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