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[ red-let-er ]


  1. marked by red letters, as festival days in the church calendar.
  2. memorable; especially important or happy:

    a red-letter day in his life.

  3. (of a Bible) having the quoted words of Jesus appear in red type:

    a red-letter edition;

    the red-letter New Testament presented at her baptism.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of red-letter1

First recorded in 1660–70

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Example Sentences

Turns out, after all, to be a red-letter day or, that is, a brown-liquid evening.

Our run from Hereford up the Wye Valley to the sea, we agreed was one of our red-letter days.

But the longest red-letter day has its ending, and time and tide beckon one with the brutality of an impatient jailer.

Phœbe's graduation from the Greenwald High School was her red-letter day.

However that may be, certain it is that this is a red-letter night at the Mermaid.

The morning when were produced these charming little miracles remains a red-letter day in our household.





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