red mist


  1. informal.
    a feeling of extreme anger that clouds one's judgment temporarily

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Example Sentences

Crime writer Patricia Cornwell returns with a new book featuring her heroine Scarpetta, Red Mist.

With her newest Scarpetta book, Red Mist, just out, she talks about crime, TV, and Angelina Jolie.

Kick-Ass has more heroes, like Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who sounds like sports drink and looks like Johnny Weir.

He was nearing a village, but saw nothing save a red mist that swam before him like a fog.

I had a fear that, perhaps, I came because I wished to see thee—misguided by the red mist of affection.

Something like jealousy gripped him at last, he clenched his teeth and the scene below him swam in a blood-red mist.

The sun had completely vanished in a dull red mist; and the intense heat and lurid atmosphere did not tend to raise her spirits.

It was only a glimpse I had of him through red mist—the next instant he was gone.





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