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red ribbon


  1. a badge, banner, rosette, or the like made of red-colored ribbon or other material and used to signify the achievement of second place, as in a contest.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of red ribbon1

First recorded in 1715–25

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Example Sentences

A few scenes later, Julie has handed out copies of her screenplay to the film program advisers, tied with bits of red ribbon.

From Vox

It disrupts the pattern a bit, these blue and red ribbons, but there’s a way to deal with them.

My favorite low-grade Kim endorsement deal is a Charmin toilet paper event where Kim cut a red ribbon outside of a bathroom.

Among those displaying a red ribbon on his label at the Tony Awards broadcast was actor Jeremy Irons, who was one of the hosts.

Those who knew McConnell said he also arranged for his team of volunteers to call Broadway theaters and producers of the upcoming Tony Awards television broadcast to have participants and theater goers display the red ribbons on their clothes.

Rita felt sure that Dic would come to see Tom that evening, and the red ribbon was in evidence soon after supper.

The Government cannot fail to reward with a bit of red ribbon so disinterested, so philanthropic a devotion.

Before him stood his aunt in a nightcap adorned with a broad red ribbon, and in a white dressing-jacket.

Afterward, he noticed that his grandfather always wore a little red ribbon in his buttonhole.

The young ladies were all in dark blue dresses, touched up with a red ribbon here and there, and wore light straw hats.





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