red state

[ red steyt ]


, U.S. Politics.
  1. a state of the U.S. that usually votes Republican.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of red state1

With reference to the color used on maps in televised coverage of the 2000 U.S. presidential election to show the states won by the Republican candidate

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Example Sentences

In the last two decades, blue and red states alike have tried out all-mail elections—and stuck with them.

As a result, none came particularly close to winning their very red states.

Both were reliable Republican voters in a reliably conservative part of a reliably red state.

With one day of early voting left, more people have now cast ballots in the presidential election in Texas, a once reliably red state with historically low levels of turnout, than they did in the 2016 general election overall.

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“We’re still a red state, but we’re pinker than people think we are,” he said.

A Republican candidate hoping to win red state support could find a worse team to root for than one from Dallas.

Think keeping a little blue in this deep-red state matters to him just a little?

You two had a bit of a falling out over what you felt was poor marketing on Zach Miri, and also passing on Red State.

Following the disappointing box office for Red State, Smith said that his follow-up film, Clerks 3, would be his last.

In contrast many red state metros such as Houston, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake, and Dallas-Ft.

When the oxide passes into the red state, it gives the tint called manteau Isabelle.

My folks campaigned for stem cells up and down every red state in the country.