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[ ri-dak-tid ]


  1. (of a document) with confidential or sensitive information removed or hidden:

    If a court decision contains protected information, it may not be released immediately due to the need to prepare a redacted version.

  2. (of text, images, or information) removed, obscured, or hidden from view:

    Under this ruling, state agencies must provide an explanation for not disclosing redacted information.

  3. edited or compiled, as from multiple sources:

    This text is believed to be a redacted and bowdlerized edition of the Babylonian Talmud.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of redact.

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  • un·re·dac·ted adjective

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Example Sentences

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, which covers the central east coast including Cape Canaveral, redacted the name of a deputy who fired her gun at a drunken driver who tried to flee.

It’s impossible to tell what that means without the context of the redacted elements.

The amounts of coal involved were redacted from the copy of the settlement agreement that was made publicly available by the court.

The auditor has argued that her findings have been suppressed and that agency leaders have “manipulated” her report, by excessively redacting portions of it.

One of the redacted sections described an allegation of harassment of staff, and a cross-allegation of harassment by management against staffers for the auditor.

I guess I put [one of his legends; spoiler redacted] to rest.

The security sections of the applications have been redacted online.

Another applicant “affirmed that his infant son died … as a result of child abuse,” reads one heavily redacted example.

In addition, Koh argued for turning over the un-redacted, classified version of the opinion to Congress.

Note: Names of individual officers allegedly targeted by Dorner have been redacted.

Some of the latter were significantly abbreviated/redacted by the translator.

Their present report they redacted to the effect, "All correct as it stood," without once mentioning Heucking.


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