[reed]Chiefly British Dialect

verb (used with object), red·ed, red·ing.

to counsel; advise.
to explain.


counsel; advice.
a plan; scheme.
a tale; story.

Origin of rede

before 900; (v.) Middle English reden, Old English rǣdan; (noun) Middle English; Old English rǣd, cognate with Old Frisian rēd, Old Saxon rād, Old Norse rāth; see read1, ready Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Contemporary Examples of rede

  • Through her group Rede Nami, she also trains other women to use graffiti art to spur social change.

    The Daily Beast logo
    Jaycee Dugard’s New Life

    Abigail Pesta

    March 10, 2012

Historical Examples of rede

  • Take my rede, sir, and let it drop, for you have come very well out from it.

    The White Company

    Arthur Conan Doyle

  • It is my rede that thou weddest Atli, or else thou goest hence.

    Eric Brighteyes

    H. Rider Haggard

  • With Nations it is as with individuals: Can they rede the riddle of Destiny?

    Past and Present

    Thomas Carlyle

  • And, by my rede, we shall have our women and little ones with us; and why not?

    Child Christopher

    William Morris

  • Tell them, and let me read the rede; sense dwells in the voices of the night.

    Harold, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

British Dictionary definitions for rede



advice or counsel
an explanation

verb (tr)

to advise; counsel
to explain

Word Origin for rede

Old English rǣdan to rule; see read 1
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Word Origin and History for rede

"counsel, advice," Old English ræd "advice, counsel;" see read (v.). Cognate with Old Saxon rad "advice, counsel, help, advantage," Dutch raad "advice, counsel," German Rat "advice, counsel," Old Norse rað "advice, consideration, remedy, power; marriage."

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