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[ ri-deemd ]


  1. Theology. (in Christianity) having been saved or delivered from sin or its consequences:

    Then shall all the redeemed saints appear in glory.

  2. having been paid, recovered, bought back, or exchanged for money or other goods:

    Payments for the redeemed stock totaled $77 million at the end of the fiscal year.

    Access codes purchased from other sellers carry a high risk of being either counterfeit or previously redeemed codes.

  3. having been discharged or fulfilled:

    Read in this way, the book is the redeemed promise of a materialist critique of political economy.

  4. having made amends for or overcome some wrongdoing or fault:

    In the end, having saved his young half-brother's life, he died a redeemed man.


  1. Usually the redeemed. Theology. (in Christianity) those who have been saved or delivered from sin or its consequences:

    We understand that all of us, even the redeemed, have a capacity for great evil.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of redeem.

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  • un·re·deemed adjective

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Example Sentences

As for WW, Obé has been integrated into WW’s “Wellness Wins” program where members of WW who meet goals can redeem free Obé classes for doing so.

From Digiday

One of the only redeeming qualities of virtual events in an otherwise bruised and abused industry that relies on its events business is the immense amount of scale that they can offer— for both publishers and their advertising clients.

From Digiday

If this describes your situation, my best suggestion would be to wait until it’s safe to travel again then redeem your miles for a comfortable lay-flat seat to your favorite overseas destination.

From Fortune

Public opinion on China is at an all time low but joining Covax is one way Beijing might redeem itself.

From Fortune

The app will prompt users with customized helpful tips that, if implemented, will result in earning points that can be redeemed in the app’s store.

Prizes may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash, sold, or traded.

However, Martin redeemed himself when correctly guessing a fake expletive-laden clue read by Meyers.

Of course, she immediately embraces Venkman—himself now redeemed—and the film concludes on a triumphant note.

After praying for forgiveness, Fotros was redeemed by the Imam Ali who gave him back his wings.

This is a personal story but also a story of generational change, of talents wasted and talents redeemed.

Then they were to co-operate with an army moving up from Arkansas, and the State would be redeemed.

The landed proprietor still redeemed, day after day, portions of his involved estate.

I have blotted out thy iniquities as a cloud, and thy sins as a mist: return to me, for I have redeemed thee.

The willing services of unfallen angels and redeemed men, directly tend to display that glory.

The redeemed through eternity will find the glad work of declaring that glory undone.