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/ ˌriːdɪˈskʌvə /


  1. to discover (something) again

    rediscover the joys of life

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Example Sentences

Freedom will seep into the bedrock as we rediscover our backbone.

And lucky for him, and for all of us, America was finally ready to rediscover its spirit.

But he might just give America the excuse it needs to rediscover the kind of “opinion journalism” that can.

But together, we can rediscover a purpose without surrendering American politics to the Fates.

After leaving Gap in 2011, Robinson took nearly a two-year hiatus from the industry to rediscover his passion for design.

Would he rediscover humanity, or had they long since arisen to higher planes of existence or reincarnation?

Boar's Head is the best base from which to operate to rediscover the whole adjoining territory.

Then, by practicing our acts of87 devotion in the context of such a life of devotion, we may rediscover the meaning of prayer.

Some day he will rediscover the Dantesque hierarchy of souls implicit in humanity.

Then “I” shall rediscover all the plays in the world in their origin.


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