[ red-stohn ]


  1. a U.S. surface-to-surface ballistic missile powered by a single rocket engine.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Redstone1

After Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama
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Example Sentences

Kid-friendly Coal Basin Ranch near Redstone, located in the Roaring Fork Valley about an hour’s drive from Aspen, is a former coal mine turned trail network.

That Redstone rocket was meant to boost American morale after the Soviets launched Sputnik.

Last September, Redstone escorted Singh and another girl to an Emmy party.

According to one CBS insider, Redstone instructed Showtime executives to give Singh free rein to pick the job she wanted.

Peter Lauria on Redstone's corporate mandate to "make her happy."

Redstone, 87, and Singh, 30, have gone out on at least two occasions, sources confirmed.

You agreed to give me four dollars to carry you out to Redstone School-house an' back.

He had accidentally met with Ellen Redstone for the first time since I left.

We could go down the Redstone lanes towards Pemberley: one always has a whiff of sea-air there over the downs.'

Indians are great wanderers, and a myth can travel as far as a redstone pipe or a string of wampum.

A court, for the trial of the conspirants, was held at Redstone Fort; and many of them were arraigned at its 232 bar.





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