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1812 in reference to a type of North American hawk; earlier used of various smaller European birds with red tail feathers (1550s); from red (adj.1) + tail (n.).

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Historical Examples of redtail

  • “Now I wonder what it was Redtail was after and why he didn't get it,” thought Reddy.

    The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse

    Thornton W. Burgess

  • Now who under the sun can have moved into Redtail's old house?

    Blacky the Crow

    Thornton W. Burgess

  • A Redtail in a room was observed to catch about 900 flies in an hour.

  • For a minute Peter couldn't think what was the trouble with Redtail, and then he saw.

  • All the other birds joined him in calling Redtail bad names.