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[ verb ree-fil; noun ree-fil ]

verb (used with or without object)

  1. to fill again.


  1. a material, supply, or the like, to replace something that has been used up:

    a refill for a prescription.



  1. to fill (something) again


  1. a replacement for a consumable substance in a permanent container
  2. a second or subsequent filling

    a refill at the petrol station

  3. informal.
    another drink to replace one already drunk

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Derived Forms

  • reˈfillable, adjective

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Other Words From

  • re·filla·ble adjective noun
  • nonre·filla·ble adjective
  • unre·filled adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of refill1

First recorded in 1680–90; re- + fill

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Example Sentences

They tend to have larger page yields per refill, but they need to be used frequently to avoid dried up ink wells.

She said that servers frequently encounter customers asking for multiple squeeze bottle refills.

From Eater

With regular refills of dry ice, it can maintain that temperature for up to 30 days.

From Fortune

There is a keep-warm function that will maintain the desired temperature for up to one hour, making it hard to resist a refill.

However, college football could serve as a refill, so long as the coronavirus crisis doesn’t cut short its return.

From Digiday

He is there to refill your prescriptions and take your calls about some pharmaceutical ad or report in the news.

When you order a cup, a carafe is brought to your place at the table or counter so you can refill your cup as needed.

Reams of lab results, refill requests, emails, and callbacks pop up continually on the computer screen.

I felt like it was my job to make sure that she was comfortable, that in between takes she had a place to sit or a coffee refill.

Refill it with new carry-on items and medicines for your next trip.

I rested a moment to refill my pipe, then resumed rifle and pack, and cautiously started to skirt the cliffs.

They could also get a fresh supply of water and refill their air tanks there.

Of course Gilet had to refill my glass which he did with evident delight, for he does not like a dry Lent.

He moved to the end of the veranda to refill the heavy, porous clay water-jug from the filter.

At this juncture Grace was asked to refill the water pail, so she and Madaline raced off to the spring.


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